Tuesday, July 6, 2021


If  I were allowed to say what many think i.e. we don’t know, it would be much simpler.

But, here it is, we are facing everything all at the same time. Pandemic technology stocks and what one guy calls GAAP, or growth at any price sector. These are not Amazon, Google or Apple. They are already old tech if you can believe it. Speed of change here is fierce. We have to be careful.

Macro factors like interest rates, inflation, GDP do not help either. 

This means, yet one more time we stay in dividend paying stocks like the banks, telephone, cable, pipelines and utilities. We may miss the big wild swings in technology quite familiar to us, having seen several big swings. Stay tuned.

Numbers have been good this quarter and so is our performance. Let’s see if we can stay calm through what is usually a wild period of July to October.

Thank you.

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